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Handling of data

When handling data, we adhere to the Prime Office Privacy Policy.

Data security

The transmission of your data to us over the Internet is protected by us only if your web browser indicates you have a secure connection. We reserve the right to use this process for certain data. The data transmission is then protected from unauthorized viewing by third parties with the SSL (secure socket layer) security protocol in conjunction with a 128-bit encryption code. If this option is not activated, please bear this fact in mind when transferring any additional personal information over the Internet using other applications such as e-mail.


If you enter data about your own person, by doing so you allow us to store it and use it in accordance with Swiss data-protection legislation. This information is related to your person and, of course, is used in a confidential manner within the company. You may dissent to this, and the deletion of any personal data in our possession is possible at any time. Otherwise, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply.